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Get Started On Stationhead

How To

Getting Started on Stationhead

Simple steps to get you on-air easily and quickly

For New Hosts

Get set up for a successful first show

Going Live on Stationhead 101

On Stationhead you can broadcast live, earn money, take callers, and play music. It’s your own station with your own live shows, talking and playing whatever you want.

This simple setup guide will get you on air quickly. First, to broadcast, you must have an iOS device with the Stationhead app installed. Broadcast capabilities are currently iOS-only (Android users, you can listen and be a guest on air; hosting is coming soon).

Download Stationhead on the Apple App Store
Download Stationhead on the Google Play Store
How To Go Live on Stationhead and reach global audiences.

Your audience can tune in via Web, iOS, and Android.

Step 1

Build Your Profile

Starting is easy: sign up and login with email, phone number or social account. Then, choose your station name.

Customize Your Station
You can tag your show, add a custom backdrop, and name your Station.

You can tag your show, add a custom backdrop, and name your Station.

Upload your profile pic and customize your emoji in the bottom right corner. You can also add a title to your station by tapping the “I’m ON Stationhead” line below your name.

Add Music To Your Station
Add Music to Stationhead from Apple Music and Spotify

Add Music to Stationhead from Apple Music and Spotify

You will want to add music to your live shows. Adding music is simple: Connect your streaming service (Spotify or Apple Music), then tap the Add Music button on your profile to add entire playlists or individual songs to your station. Tap the red + to add any song to your station.

Join @Serena’s Wednesday Welcome Show on Stationhead

Follow @Serena and join the Wednesday Welcome Show

Need help?

Check out The Welcome Show every Wednesday 5pm ET on station @SERENA where our community manager answers your questions and offers tips for getting started.
More questions? See our FAQ about profiles.

Two Women Broadcasting Using Shure Microphones

Plan a show with a friend or go solo, it’s up to you.

Step 2

Plan Your First Show

Pick a start date for your show and tap the Schedule Show button on your station. Add the title, date and time, a background image, and add hashtags that describe your show to attract listeners. Scheduled shows will appear on the main Stations page of the app 24 hours before.

Think about your show in advance, and get creative with it. A great example is an ”after party” to a live video stream. Whatever you come up with, make sure you include it as part of your promotion.

Pro Tip: For some great ideas of show content, click here to see examples and suggestions of what will work best for your fans.

Auto-Generated Artwork to feature your Stationhead broadcast

Stationhead generates artwork for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter when you share from the app.

Step 3

Promote Your Show

We give you the tools to promote your show. Tap the share button on your station to post your custom artwork to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also copy the direct link to your station. Add this to your profiles and swipe-ups.

If you want to get creative on your own, download our Creator Toolkit, which has the Stationhead logo and additional assets for you to use.

Pro Tip: For more on show promotion, including examples and suggestions, click here to be directed to our Promotion Overview.

A simple selfie-video can help you bring your fanbase ON Air with you.

With your station set up, music added, and promotion complete, you’re ready to go on air!

Going Live is Easy

Going Live with up to 3 additional co-hosts on Stationhead.

Step 4

Go Live

Stationhead go on air button.

Tap Go On Air from your Profile Screen to prepare your broadcast.

At showtime, tap the Go On Air button to broadcast live on your station. While On Air, you can add live guests (or co-hosts) by tapping on their profile pic (note: a maximum of three guests at a time) and inviting them ON.

Stationhead go on air button.

Each time you broadcast you can check your mic, add walk-on music, and a custom description.

You can also choose between three options: Talk Only, Talk Over Music, or Music Only. Your audience can engage with you in the chat as well as by requesting tracks for you to play on your station. Don’t forget to check the chat for any questions or fan requests.

Your listeners can tip during broadcasts and from your profile. These tips represent real money and can be cashed out to a bank account.

Pro Tip: To read more about how you can make money on Stationhead, click here.

More questions? See our FAQ about going and promoting your show..

Save your shows after you broadcast live.

Save and share your shows after you broadcast live.

Step 5

Save Your Live Shows

After you're done broadcasting, you'll be prompted to save your recording. If you choose to, it will appear later on your profile for On-Demand playback. Share the recorded show on your social channels to encourage fans to check out the next one.

Pro Tip: Use the Highlights feature. You can trim recorded shows into a reel of highlights that can be shared anywhere.

More questions? See our FAQ about saving your shows..

Step 6

Schedule Your Next Show

If you enjoyed your first broadcast, it is important to schedule a follow up as soon as you can. Consistency is key, and it gets better with each show. You will quickly learn what your audience likes most, so that you can plan the content of your shows in advance. Revisit the promotion tips and let your fans know when your next scheduled show is happening.

Don’t Forget: The Welcome Show airs every Wednesday at 5pm ET on station @SERENA. Bring any questions and hear some tips on getting started.

Quick Recap

Build your profile and personalize your station.
Plan out your first show
Promote your show to your fans
Go live on air!
Create highlights or save clips that you want to keep
Go live again!

Download Stationhead