Your show, your rules.

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Go Live

Jump straight into broadcasting within minutes of downloading the app.



Host and record live conversations in real time.


Play Music

Choose from millions of popular streaming choices to curate your perfect radio show.

Global Reach

Engage with your audience in an intimate live audio experience from anywhere around the world

Unmute Yourself

Say what you want and speak uncensored with your fans - not having to conform to the archaic rules of terrestrial radio

Listeners Are Now Callers

Let longtime listeners become first time callers when members of your audience call in live to your show.

New Feature

Make Money

Top shows can earn top dollar by getting tips from listeners live on air.

Take Callers

Co-Host Your Broadcast

Up to 4 people can share the air at one time, allowing each person to speak and be heard at the same time.

Talk To Anyone

You can talk with anyone, bring any listener on air with you, and control who shares your air.

"Being good at traditional social media can feel like a prerequisite for artistic success today, but it needn’t be. Stationhead, a social radio and music streaming app, is offering another way for artists to get music out there and find new fans without having to vie for Instagram likes"

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"Stationhead allows anybody to become a DJ online, and while that is a line that has been touted more than a few times, Stationhead stands out as technologically superior to most digital radio stations."

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"Stationhead's math creates revenue for everybody, and key record-business execs have endorsed the company: Former Lady Gaga manager and Spotify exec Troy Carter once created his own show and called the app "addictive" at a conference."

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