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Global Social Radio

Create stations with your music, your voice, and your community with millions of people around the world.

Host on the Web or your Phone

Broadcast now from your desktop browser.

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See how fans, DJs, artists, influencers, and everyday people are using Stationhead to broadcast live to the world.

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Earn Real Money.

Stationhead transforms the traditional radio model. Any host can stream a radio show, feature 45M+ songs and create an engaging audio experience with their fans.

Active Group Radio Broadcast Play Music Earn Money

Open Mic

There are no gatekeepers on Stationhead. You can say what you want, and speak uncensored with your fans.

Stationhead Allows for 4 Open Mics At Once

Your audience can call in live.

Co-Host Your Broadcast

Up to 4 people can share the air at one time, allowing each person to speak and be heard at the same time.

Talk To Anyone

You can talk with anyone, bring any listener on air with you, and control who shares your air.

Add Music

Play Whatever You Want

No takedowns and no demonetization — we've got you covered.

Every Listener Counts

When hosts play a song on their show, it drives an Apple Music or Spotify stream for every listener. A song played for 100K listeners earns 100K unique streams for that artist.

Play Hits or New Artists

Without the constraints of traditional radio, you can feature niche up and coming artists while also playing the hits.

Millions of Songs

No Licensing Concerns

Through Stationhead's patented technology stream music directly from your Apple Music and Spotify accounts without the risk of
copyright infringement.

Play abcdefu by GAYLE on Stationhead
Play STAY by The Kid Laroi on Stationhead
Play Woman by Doja Cat on Stationhead
Play INDUSTRY BABY by Lil Nas X on Stationhead
Play Heat Waves by Glass Animals on Stationhead
Play Shivers by Ed Sheeran on Stationhead
Play Don't Wait Up by Shakira on Stationhead
Play My Universe by Coldplay on Stationhead
Play Beggin' by Måneskin on Stationhead
Play Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) by Elton John on Stationhead
Play Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World by Robin Schulz on Stationhead
Play GIRL LIKE ME by Black Eyed Peas on Stationhead

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Stationhead continues making waves among musicians, artists, and more.


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